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Its a great place to work if you love recruiting, you always have a role to close and the incentive structure is very well crafted.You get value for the performance and that's what motivates you to keep performing better.If you are looking to make a career in recruitment or transition to recruitment from some other stream, you will learn a lot and very fast.Highly recommended.

Aditi Kulkarni

Program Manager, Spottabl

Recruiting for the startups, unicorns, fast growing companies is really really challenging as companies are very specific to the kind of resources they want to hire and it gets difficult to search and convince candidates, so we want to be up with our communication and that's what Rising do, we do lot of employer branding for the clients we hire for and it makes our job much easier to attract candidates.I learnt the art of screening and thanks to Mr Ankit, he always have a screening question for any role.

Archisha Bijlwal

Tech Recruiter, Mediatech

The Rising training program is amazing, so well directed towards startup talent acquisition. I was trained on storytelling so well by Mr Saboor, that interacting with job seekers, knowing them well has become my hobby 🙂 , I would strongly recommend this program if you want to learn recruitment but at the same time you have to work really hard as initially it's very difficult to multitask and that's where you learn so you gotta work hard.

Mohana R

Team Lead, Training

When I joined Rising, I was a fresher in Recruiting and tech recruiting was really challenging, but rather than getting afraid by niche roles and negative candidate response, I started becoming more and more confident in handling challenging roles.Its the attitude I learned here where you challenge yourself everyday and become better in what you do, you are always treated very special and responsible and that's when you deliver at your best.

Gurpreet Singh

Hiring Manager, Startup

Working with Rising is been great, there is so much confidence you get and the kind of atmosphere is infectious, you love to perform and give your 100%, very high value and strong bonding in the team.Best thing I like is feedbacks and reports, you are always aware of where to improve and what is clicking right for you and this really helps in improving performance on daily basis

Khushboo Tarani

Lead Recruiter, Healthtech

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Anyone who has basic aptitude and learning skills, we look for people who are not technology averse, people who have great storytelling skills are ideally suited for the role. Its not mandatory that you need to come from tech background. There would be two interview rounds and 1 assignments round to qualify for the program.It is a 45 days full time program and candidates who are looking for fulltime job in recruitment will be suitable for the programme.
During the programme you would be paid per qualified lead you submit for the open job role, so if you submit 3 leads per day and out of that 2 are qualified by hiring manager, you would be paid Rs. 250/- per lead or a total of Rs. 500/- .This would continue till you get assigned for full time role.
We don’t guarantee a job but yes we see that most of the people who complete the training and perform well would be employed by us or by startups outside us.As the demand of product recruiters is huge you will have ample of opportunities.
Spottabl is a startup hiring platform where startups post open job roles, as a registered recruiter on spottabl you will always get opportunities to work on roles, also spottabl arrange time to time training and guidance through their team of experts to guide you throughout the programme.You would be paid by The Rising for all the incentives and other payouts as discussed.
Yes, you can attend the training and remain a freelance recruiter with The Rising if you want.As the program is designed in such a way that training and working coexist, its not a regular online sessions only but you work on daily challenges related to sourcing,screening,interviewing etc
The training is absolutely free, you get the certification as Rising Certified Recruiter after successful completion of the training.